A professional organization of educators and community members dedicated to the promotion and advancement of literacy.
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The purposes of the Colorado Council International Reading Association are:
• To promote the improvement of literacy instruction at all levels with diverse populations
• To encourage lifelong habits in literacy and an appreciation of the value of reading and writing
• To support local councils and individual members in promoting and advancing literacy
• To recognize and honor significant contributions to and achievements in literacy
• To be a respected and viable voice in literacy conversations and decisions in Colorado
• To advocate for policies and practices that support the best for all learners
The following goals for 2016-17 were established by the CCIRA Executive Committee:
• Support professional development through the integration of technology, as a tool for learning, collaboration, and communication
• Strengthen partnerships with professional and community organizations
• Increase visibility and influence of CCIRA through an active and involved membership
• Offer ongoing support to local councils
• Conduct one community service project per year to support literacy instruction.

Colorado Reading Journal

The Colorado Reading Journal is published in the fall and spring of each year and is sent to more than 5,000 educators across Colorado and surrounding states. The Journal publishes articles that address topics, issues, and events of interest and value to teachers, specialists and administrators involved in literacy education at all levels.
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